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Laser Technology Products


Product overview

In many applications that are carried out by doctors nowadays, the laser is indispensable and partially superior and without competition to conventional treatment steps. Rely on a Laser Made in Germany and offer your patients the highest medical standard for successful therapy.



The FOX is a precision laser that is optimally tailored to your needs.

FOX 514

The FOX 514 is perfectly tailored to your needs when performing ophthalmological applications.


established technology in a modern design

The next generation in the most successful laser family.

Glaukomtherapie Nano-Laser

FOX IV 810

the all-round talent in ophthalmology - specialized in glaucoma therapy

The ideal diode laser for glaucoma therapy

WOLF Diode Laser CO2 Laser - Blue Laser ENT

The big brother to our FOX family

The big brother to our FOX family offers the best performance for your operating theater.


With 10 W the Wolf TruBlue is equipped for all eventualities.


the Green one

The story begins with a dye laser from Meditec.


Your reliable companion

C-Las from A.R.C. Laser is a carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) and a proven working horse since decades for razor-thin and blood-free cutting and ablation of tissues.

SLT-Laser CITO 532

Modern technology "made in Germany" and convincing technical refinements redefine the SLT.


the Nd:YAG laser for your practice

The Q-LAS. It combines economic efficiency, ergonomics and longevity in a very innovative form.


The new generation of compact lasers

The new generation of compact lasers - Nd:YAG and SLT combined in one device.

Classic 514nm

The Classic is a bright star among photocoagulation systems! Precision optics and an offset coaxially coupled laser stand for superior performance.


VARIO leaves nothing to be desired!

Two lasers on one table: Use VARIO to make the best possible use of your available space!

Slit lamps

PCL5 SHD/PCL5 ZD: Premium products you can rely on!

A.R.C. Laser slit lamps convince with brilliant optics and highest quality "Made in Germany" at a fair price.


Laser-indirect ophthalmoscope

A.R.C. Laser offers you the Neitz Indirect Ophthalmoscope with laser coupling specifically for FOX 514 and FOX 810 for mobile retina coagulation.

Cetus NanoLaser

Easy integration into the operating room

The CETUS is very compact and fits comfortably next to or under your phaco machine.