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Cetus NanoLaser

Integrate laser cataract surgery easily into the operating room

The CETUS is very compact and fits comfortably next to or under your phaco machine.

A simple coupling of the NanoLaser with all common ultrasound machines is done via the pneumatic vitrectomy port of your phaco machine.

Laser disposable handpieces

offer best performance

Cost-effective laser disposables eliminate the need for cleaning, sterilizing and tuning the phaco handle.

  • Complete disposable sets are therefore possible.
  • The nano laser is maintenance-free and does not require a maintenance contract.
  • Laser Class 1 – no laser radiation emitted, thus no laser safety goggles necessary

The NanoLaser complements your operating room

with a laser system.

Similar to an upgrade, it extends the functionality of your phaco machine for cataract surgery.

The Cetus NanoLaser is designed for use in any operating room.

  • The touch screen makes it easy to operate the system
  • All your surgical steps remain the same
  • Seamless workflow from the beginning

Easy integration

into the practice routine

The CETUS Nano-Laser can be easily integrated into the practice routine. Ideally, it complements the existing phaco machine with the laser feature. Optimally, the Nano-Laser will enable you to offer premium surgery with the laser within a short time.

  • Increase the attractiveness of your practice with the laser
  • Offer your patients premium treatment

Technical data

Techn. Subject to changes.
Max. Energy 10 mJ
Operating mode pulsed
Shot frequency variable up to 10 Hz
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse energy 3 mJ – 10 mJ
Pulse length 5 ns
Operation 7“ Touchscreen
Power supply 110-240 Vac, 650 VA, 50 to 60 Hz
Dimensions 135 x 478 x 421 mm
Weight 12 kg

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