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ENT laser technology


Since years, lasers are established in ear, nose and throat surgery and nowadays one can't imagine it without them. We offer the appropriate wavelength depending the field of application: CO2 Laser - diode laser 980 nmGreen Laser or THE TRUBLUE, our revolution in the surgical field.


In laryngology doctors face new challenges every day. A laser allows minimally invasive interventions that can be executed not only extremely precise, but by using state-of-the-art fiber technology also make areas accessible that cannot be reached with conservative instruments.

Low bleeding during surgery with maximum flexibility, protecting surrounding tissues and enormous precision allow optimal results for patients. Whether in surgery under general anesthesia or in practice under local anesthesia: A.R.C. Laser offers you exactly the laser that is tailored to your needs.

The application range of a laser – from our classic CO2 laser C-Las to the latest technology built into our blue WOLF lasers – offers an enormous application potential.

Big interventions such as tumor resections with our C-Las, papilloma removals in the OR to phonosurgery and the delicate blood vessel coagulation or papilloma treatment in practice with our blue WOLF laser. Our portfolio surely has the right device for you in petto.

Ask about which laser is best suited for you or call us about the laser of your choice by using our contact form. We will gladly help you.


Middle ear surgery, among other things, involves operating on the smallest bones in the human body. Dangers of conservative methods may sometimes be an acoustic or mechanical trauma. By using the correct wavelength – such as 445nm (blue) in our FOX IV – and our otology probes, which are specially developed for middle ear surgery, atraumatic work is ensured.

Structures that are difficult to reach such as the anterior stapes leg are easily reachable with the laser and the appropriate otology probe. Contactless application of laser radiation eliminates the risk of mechanical trauma considerably.

Isn't blue your color? No problem. In our range we also have our green laser Nuvolas and diode laser FOX (980nm). All lasers offer individual advantages.

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The inner area of the nose lined with a well perfused mucous membrane is particularly suitable for various laser interventions. Examples of use are reducing the turbinates, excision of polyps or epistaxis treatment. For many years the wavelength 980nm as offered with our FOX laser has been successfully utilized for this purpose.

Osler patients also benefit from the very gentle coagulation of the blood vessels that can be carried out in just a few minutes under local anesthesia. Our small blue FOX IV laser is predestined for this treatment as due to its effective wavelength it introduces far less energy into the tissue than other wavelengths. Less energy means less bleeding because it does not burst sensitive blood vessels. Of course, the blue wavelength can also be used for the above-mentioned applications.

Your application is not included? No problem!

You can use our contact form to give us your area of application. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate laser.

ENT laser technology

Modern treatment method for ears, nose and throat


ENT laser technology is a modern treatment method for diseases of the ear, nose and throat. Through the use of laser beams it is possible to treat specifically and very precise. The interventions are particularly gentle and the healing times can be shorter than surgeries with conventional modalities.

A major advantage of laser technology in ENT is the precise controllability of the laser beam. This means that even small and hard-to-reach areas can be treated in a targeted manner. Side effects are also lower than with conventional methods.