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the Green one

Back to the Future!
From Argon to KTP and back.

The story …


… starts with a dye laser from Meditec

The picture shows the dye laser with all colors from green to yellow to red. The housing dimensions have decreased significantly, the systems have become more favorable and have become established in clinical therapy.


… and continues with a KTP laser from A.R.C. in 2009

Technical progress now allowed much smaller housings to be built with a frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser – the so-called KTP laser. The days of the Argon laser were numbered, yet many missed the wavelength 514 nm – until then only found in argon lasers.


… and finally we have arrived ‘Back to the future’ – the Nuvolas 514

On the outside there was no change in the next technological progress. Inside, however, all the more so. The Nuvolas 514 offers the Argon wavelength in the smallest design and highest possible stability.

Technical data

* at fiber output.
Laser Diodenlaser
Display Color-Touchscreen
Wavelength: Power * 514 nm: 8 Watt
Aiming beam Red 635 nm, adjustable
Fiber coupling A.R.C. Laser U.C.
Pulse length 20 ms to 60 s / CW
Pulse break 20 ms to 60 s / SP
Dimensions WxDxH 491 x 421 x 161 mm
Weight 25 kg
Power supply 110-230 V~ 47-63 Hz 5 A bzw. 10 A

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