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FOX IV 810:

The next generation of portable diode lasers from A.R.C. Laser

  • Large, user-friendly color touch display
  • High-quality metal housing (17.4 x 14.2 x 16.3 cm)
  • Portable and battery-operated, the FOX IV 810 comes with all the necessary accessories in a handy carrying case
  • A lightweight with only 1.53 kg

FOX IV 810:

the ideal diode laser for glaucoma therapy

  • Time or energy meter? 
    FOX IV 810 offers both options!
  • Speaking assistant!
    FOX IV 810 offers an adjustable voice output for the energy and time counter at intervals of 10J and 10s respectively
  • Always the right treatment speed!
    FOX IV 810 improves the handling of the µCPC with the metronome function: audio signal at intervals of 1J or 1s

FOX IV 810:

Powerful and safe at the same time

  • Important application parameters are displayed in the central field of vision
  • User interface in application-specific color scheme
  • Strong, durable 810 nm wavelength diode with up to 8 watts of power

Elegant design meets user-friendly user interface

Technical data

Laser Diode laser
Laser class 4
Power 8 Watt
Pulse length 100 µs to 60 s / CW
Pulse pause 100 µs to 60 s / SP
Aiming beam red
Fiber coupling A.R.C. Laser - 300 µm
Dimensions H x W x D 17,4 cm x 14,2 cm x 16,3 cm
Weight 1,53 kg
Operation Colour-Touch Display
Power supply Battery-mode or mains operation

Special functions for glaucoma treatment

Energy and time counter in count-down or count-up mode
Voice output µCPC every 10 s or 10 J
Metronome function - acoustic signal at 1 s or 1 J intervals