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Classic 514nm

The argon-laser in a µ-chip: small, handy and very powerful

Excellent for laser photocoagulation

The CLASSIC 514 nm retina laser by A.R.C. Laser is specially tailored to the requirements of modern and gentle treatments. Precision optics and a shifted coaxially coupled laser stand for superior power delivery.

With up to 1.2 watts available output power, a wide range of applications can be performed on the retina. The large display with high-contrast is also easy to read from the side.

  • Argon wavelength
  • Lower sensation of pain - Less stress
  • Color-neutral protection filters
  • Manual triggering possible

The modern retina laser with slit lamp:

Classic 514 + PCL5 SH

  • Classic design - illumination beam path from above
  • Brilliant optic - Safe work
  • Posterior segment optimized
  • Coaxial laser coupling
  • LED or halogen lighting
  • Single-hand operation


The laser is placed on the table, so all functions are easily accessible by hand. Freely selectable spot sizes ranging from 50 μm to a maximum size of 600 μm are todays standard in modern laser-photocoagulation. The five magnification levels of the slit lamp allow precise viewing of the retina and thus providing optimal focusing and a detailed view of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. The integrated protection filter in neutral color design is optimally matched to the retina laser CLASSIC.

Yes to Argon:

Less pain sensation – Less stress

A.R.C. Laser now brings back the argon laser with all its advantages and we have made the superior wavelength of the argon laser even better!

The compact system requires less maintenance and – characteristic of the argon wavelength of 514 nm – remains true to the advantages of argon: less pain sensation!

In terms of pain perception*, the wavelength of the argon laser has advantages over the KTP laser. Based on our user data we have compiled when comparing KTP and argon lasers, the established argon wavelength of 514 nm used for photocoagulation is less painful.

Our users are also convinced and share with us the positive feedback of a more pleasant retina coagulation with the argon laser CLASSIC 514.*

In addition, we rely on the following advantages at CLASSIC 514:

  • Facilitates treatment
  • Shorter treatment times due to less pain sensation for the patient
  • Good treatment result as expected
  • Patients' anxiety of subsequent treatment decreases

* Based on the experience of pain sensitivity by Dr. Udo Heuer and Dr. Zia Carrim during the first half of 2018


Want to turn your diagnostic slit lamp into a retinal coagulator?

With L-Ord we couple our retina laser CLASSIC 514 to an existing slit lamp*

  • Integrated Clear-View-Filter-Technology stands for high color accuracy, detailed imaging
  • Easy handling – When swinging out, the physician’s protection filter automatically moves out of the field of view, back to laser position, L-Ord offers you the max. eye protection. At the same time, you enjoy a clear view of your patient without any interfering components.
  • Stable mechanics – fits perfectly to many slit lamps*. The optics can be removed at any time. The stable construction is designed for a long service life and promises maintenance-free operation.
  • Variable spot sizes - Manual adjustment range of the laser spot size from 50 to 500 µm.

The argon laser now also for your slit lamp

*(applies exclusively to HS split lamps or identical in construction)

Technical data

Laser Diodelaser
Output power to 1200 mW on the cornea, continuously
Pulse length 1 ms - 2 s, APL selectable: 100 μ-seconds and smaller
Repetition rate 1 to 4 Hz
Aiming beam 635 nm, < 1 mW
Stand area (HWD) 250 x 170 x 220 mm
Weight 3,3 kg - complete
Power supply connection 90 - 230 VAC
Laser outputs 1 fibre coupling

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