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established technology in a modern design

The next generation in the most successful laser family. All advantages of the FOX are now found in FOX IV. Packed in a modern design with a large, user-friendly touchscreen and protected by a high-quality aluminum housing. Not only the exterior has changed! A new wavelength has also been added to the FOX family. Benefit from all the advantages of the blue (445nm) wavelength in the probably most beautiful battery-operated laser. The FOX IV is particularly suited for outpatient procedures. But it also proves to be a reliable companion during minor applications in the operating room.

Choose the right wavelength for your area of expertise

FOX IV 445nm

the perfect companion for modern otology

Applications in the middle ear require highest precision and efficiency. As far as possible mechanical and acoustic influences should be avoided. Here the blue wavelength (445nm) comes into play. Due to unprecedented characteristics, it is possible to perform surgeries at very low energy in non-contact.

Applications in rhinology such as osler's disease, polyps or a reduction of turbinates are no problem. Especially in treatments of osler's disease bleeding can easily occur due to high energy input or touching the extended blood vessels. High absorption in hemoglobin helps to coagulate the expanded blood vessels at low energy and reduce bleeding. All this in an outpatient environment under local anesthesia.

Ideal for:

  • Stapedotomy
  • Osler's disease
  • Conchotomy
  • Polyps
  • and many more

FOX IV 980nm

the well-established wavelength in matters of rhinology, otology and oral cavity

In rhinology a wide irradiation is needed which can also penetrate into depth. The reduction turbinates or the removal of polyps are the field of application of FOX IV 980nm. FOX IV 980nm can shine also in otology, for example stapedotomy. The intuitive user interface on its large touchscreen allows it to easily customize all relevant parameters in a matter of seconds. Settings for individual applications can be saved for the next use in just a few steps.

Technical data

* on the fiber end. Please specify the desired wavelength when ordering. ** with submodule
Laser Diodelaser
Laser class 4
Wavelength: Power* 445 nm: 4 Watt
810 nm: 8 Watt
980 nm: 12 Watt
Pulse length 445 nm: 1 ms to 60 s / CW
810/980 nm: 100 µs bis 60 s / CW
Pulse pause 445 nm: 1 ms to 60 s / SP
810/980 nm: 100 µs bis 60 s / SP
Aiming beam Green or red,
Dimensions H x W x D 17.4 cm x 14.2 cm x 16.3 cm (footprint)
Weight 1.53 kg
Control/ User Interface Color Touch display
Fiber coupling A.R.C. Laser U.C.
Power supply 100-240 V~ 47-63 Hz 1.06-0.45 A, integrated rechargeable battery