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The SLT-Laser CITO 532

Revised from scratch:

Modern technology "Made in Germany" and convincing technical refinements redefine the SLT. After two years of development a unique laser system for gentle glaucoma therapy has emerged which we are proud of: The CITO 532 has a theoretically unlimited lifetime, so you can work stably and without energy loss over its entire life cycle. The CITO has no heat losses on the housing and no harmful UV-light on the cavity.


Buying a CITO 532 means making no compromises.

Less pain - Less stress

World-leading, strong and durable: This is how the CITO 532 presents itself to you. Convince yourself of the unique innovations such as Quick-Repetition for a fast frequency or the large touchscreen that allows you to always keep an eye on the selected treatment energy.

  • Designed for the anterior segment of the eye
  • Large and clear touchscreen
  • Quick-Repetition for fastest repetition frequency and shorter treatment duration
  • Coaxiality of slit lighting, laser and spectator optics
  • No high voltage on the system thanks to diode technology
  • < 2% power deviation thanks to µ-Chip technology

Absolutely sharp projection of the target beam onto the target tissue, exact energy control, and industry's fastest pulse repetition rate allow maximum precision in your SLT treatments. Enjoy brilliant vision, thanks to the Clear-View-Filter-Technology. This stands for high color fidelity with detailed reproduction. With the clear touchscreen, you keep the laser parameters in view, just a tiny side glance away from the ocular. In addition to these parameters, the energy inputs of the energy introduced for the treatment are also displayed.

The CITO 532 from A.R.C. Laser has been redesigned without compromise.

Want more?

Fastest repetition frequency worldwide

Other SLT systems are based on flash lamp technology. The resulting active beam depends on charging cycles of the capacitors, which is why they are so slow. The modern µ-chip SLT from A.R.C. on the other hand convinces by:

  • Quick pulse sequences
  • Perfect stain quality
  • Temperature stability

SLT laser:

  • Quick Refresh ~10Hz Rep-Rate
  • TouchScreen

Technical data

Deviations from the features described or illustrated above are possible. Please always inform yourself about the current status before purchasing. Changes and errors reserved.
Laser Q-switched frequency doubled Nd:YAG
Wavelength 532 nm
Output power 0.2 to 2.0 mJ, quasi continuous
Spot size 400 μm in target beam focus
Repetition rate, pulses >10 Hz
Pulse width 3 ns
Aiming beam red 635 nm / 1 mW, adjustable
Doctor protection filters permanent
Laser exit angle 3,2°
Laser transmission Coupling in column lighting
Design Mid-middle with the microscope
Stand area 0.5 m²
Connection values 100 to 240V 50/60 Hz, 600 Watts
Weight 53 kg with slit lamp
Laser class 3b 532 nm, E=2.5 mJ aiming beam: 635 nm, P<5 mW

Subject to technical changes. © A.R.C. Laser GmbH 2023