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Coagulation on the retina

Diseases at the retina often require laser treatment because a removal of the retina or bleeding must be stopped in order to prevent further disadvantages for the patient's eye.


Laser photocoaglulation

with the Classic 514

A.R.C. Laser offers the Classic 514, a classic slit lamp-coupled laser photocoagulator, for the treatment of retinal diseases, providing you with the wavelength of the original argon laser. This device fits into every practice and can be combined comfortably with a wide variety of slit lamps.


FOX is our module for your posterior segment surgery

For the operating room we also offer an endo-version of the FOX laser (either 514 nm or 810 nm), with different variants of our Endo-Probes.

In addition, the small portable FOX laser is an enrichment for transcleral retina coagulation via a laser indirect ophthalmoscope - LIO - for your clinic.